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Full Body Lymphatic Compression Suit

Full Body Lymphatic Compression Suit

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Introducing Kompression®: The Future of Full Body Recovery

Kompression® revolutionizes pressotherapy with its advanced dynamic air compression technology. At Ageless Humans™, we've harnessed the power of patented AI chip technology to create a full-body compression suit that elevates wellness, accelerates recovery, and enhances performance. Whether you're an elite athlete or someone looking to advance their wellness journey, Kompression® offers unparalleled circulation improvement, muscle revitalization, and reduction in swelling.

Kompression® Full Body is a comprehensive system that includes a control unit, leg attachments, hip attachment, and arm attachments, ensuring a full-coverage experience for all users. This innovative design, combined with intuitive operation and lightweight construction, makes Kompression® the most sophisticated dynamic air compression system available.

Key Features and Benefits of Kompression®

Intuitive Design: Kompression®'s design is a testament to our commitment to user-friendly wellness solutions. With an intuitive interface and AI-controlled technology, it's never been easier to zip up and enjoy top-notch compression therapy.

Scientific Backing: Designed by experts in the field, Kompression® stands as the most scientifically validated dynamic air compression system on the market. It's engineered to offer profound healing and improved mobility, making it the trusted choice among top athletes and wellness enthusiasts globally.

Advanced Specifications: Our system boasts a high-capacity lithium battery, a compact and lightweight control unit, and an array of features including 8 chambers for airbag massage, customizable time settings, and a powerful DC air motor for superior post-workout recovery. ☑️ Compact, Light Weight System, easy to go.

What's Included with Your Kompression® Full Body Suit?

  • Control Unit: The heart of the Kompression® system, designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency.
  • Power Supply: Ensures your device is always charged and ready for your recovery needs.
  • Hose: Seamlessly connects the control unit to each attachment, ensuring a holistic compression experience.

Experience the Difference with Kompression®

Kompression® is more than a full-body compression suit—it's a commitment to enhancing your body's natural healing processes and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in recovery and performance. Whether it's leg compression, utilizing a leg compression machine, or seeking comprehensive compression for legs, Kompression® by Ageless Humans™ is your solution. Experience the benefits of advanced pressotherapy with Kompression®, and take the first step towards optimized wellness and performance.

☑️ The time sets electronically from 5~99 minutes.

☑️ Powerful DC Air Motor to provide Superior Post Workout Recovery.

☑️ Integrated Battery allows enjoying the comfortable recovery outdoors.

☑️ The pressure can be adjusted from 30-240 mmHg with 16 levels.

Product Name

Pneumatic Compression Therapy System
Model KB-9890K(Rechargeable)
Brand & Logo Could be customized
  • 4 different optional massage modes optimize the treatment effect
  • air pressure levels could be adjusted for most comfort
  • Skip care and intensive care function could be chosen separately
  • Time setting (10-90mins )
  • Digital display Handle design for convenient using
  • Computer programs instead of mechanism design for more accuracy
  • Sequential squeezing and intermittent wave massage combined
  • Indication lights will be on while related chambers working
Device Material ABS
Air Bag Material TPU
Size/Weight 21*13*8.6CM 2.5KG
Treating Model Mode A/B/C/D
Pressure range 80-260mmHg
Input voltage AC100-240V,
Rated Power 49W
Output DC12.6V, 4A
Power supply 5200mAh Li battery
Air Chamber 8 chambers (air bags)
Working Model Digital
Operation LED Touch Screen
Plug Available according to different market like US, EU standard.
Warranty 12 Months for host device

What is included with your Kompression® Full Body Suit ?

  • Kompression® control unit

    The actual device

  • Power supply

    Connect and charge your device

  • Hose

    Connects the control unit to the attachments

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Kompression® Full Body Compression Suit FAQ's

What is a full body compression suit?

A full body compression suit, like Kompression® by Ageless Humans™, uses dynamic air compression to enhance wellness, accelerate recovery, and improve performance by increasing circulation and reducing muscle swelling.

How does Kompression® work?

Kompression® utilizes patented AI technology to deliver targeted dynamic air compression, effectively mimicking the body's natural recovery processes, enhancing circulation, and reviving muscles.

What benefits does a leg compression machine offer?

Leg compression machines, including our leg attachments, specialize in reducing leg swelling, alleviating muscle fatigue, and improving lymphatic flow for faster recovery and enhanced performance.

Can full body compression suits improve athletic performance?

Yes, athletes use full body compression suits like Kompression® to recover faster, reduce the risk of injury, and prepare muscles for peak performance.

Who can benefit from Kompression®?

Kompression® is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their wellness, from elite athletes to individuals looking for advanced recovery methods and performance enhancement.

How often can I use Kompression®?

For optimal results, Kompression® can be used daily, especially after intense workouts or whenever you need to revitalize your muscles and reduce swelling.

What makes Kompression® different from other compression therapies?

Kompression® stands out due to its intuitive design, lightweight control unit, and AI-controlled technology, making it the most advanced compression system available.

Do full body compression suits help with muscle recovery?

Absolutely. Full body compression suits like Kompression® are designed to expedite muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and decrease recovery time.

Can leg compressions help with leg swelling?

Yes, our leg attachments are specifically designed to combat leg swelling by enhancing lymphatic drainage and circulation.

How does compression therapy benefit overall wellness?

Compression therapy boosts circulation, supports lymphatic drainage, and enhances muscle recovery, contributing to improved overall wellness and vitality.

Is Kompression® suitable for post-surgery recovery?

While Kompression® is beneficial for general wellness and recovery, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before using it for post-surgery recovery.

What technology powers Kompression®?

Kompression® is powered by a patented AI chip technology, ensuring personalized and effective compression therapy.

Can compression for legs alleviate workout soreness?

Definitely. Compression for legs is a proven method to alleviate muscle soreness, reduce lactic acid buildup, and prepare muscles for your next workout.

How does Kompression® enhance circulation?

By mimicking the natural muscle contractions of your body, Kompression® enhances blood flow and circulation, promoting faster recovery and improved health

Are there different modes of compression with Kompression®?

Yes, Kompression® offers multiple massage modes and air pressure levels, allowing for a fully customizable compression experience tailored to your needs.

What is included in the Kompression® Full Body package?

The package includes a control unit, leg attachments, a hip attachment, and arm attachments for a comprehensive compression therapy experience.

How do I set up my Kompression® suit?

Setting up your Kompression® suit is simple. Connect the hose to the control unit and attachments, power on the device, and select your preferred settings.

What benefits does a full body compression suit provide?

A full body compression suit like Kompression® significantly enhances circulation, facilitates muscle recovery, reduces swelling, and improves lymphatic drainage across the entire body, making it an essential tool for wellness and performance.

How is the full body compression suit beneficial for athletes?

Athletes benefit from full body compression suits by experiencing reduced recovery times, increased muscle oxygenation, and minimized muscle fatigue, allowing for more intense training sessions and better performance outcomes.

Can anyone use a full body compression suit?

Yes, Kompression® suits are designed for individuals at all fitness levels, from professional athletes to those seeking enhanced wellness and recovery as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How does a full body compression suit work?

Kompression® utilizes dynamic air compression controlled by AI technology, mimicking the body’s natural muscle contractions to improve circulation and lymphatic flow throughout the entire body.

What makes Kompression® the top choice for a full body compression suit?

Kompression® stands out due to its cutting-edge AI technology, customizable settings, and comprehensive design that ensures every part of the body benefits from optimal compression therapy.

How does leg compression aid in recovery?

Leg compression stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling, alleviates muscle soreness, and speeds up the elimination of metabolic waste, leading to faster and more effective recovery.

Can leg compression help with circulation issues?

Yes, regular use of leg compression devices can improve circulation, combat venous insufficiency, and prevent blood pooling, especially in individuals with sedentary lifestyles.

What makes Kompression® the best leg compression machine?

Kompression® excels as a leg compression machine due to its advanced technology, ease of use, and effectiveness in delivering targeted compression therapy, designed to meet the needs of both athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

How does a leg compression machine improve athletic performance?

A leg compression machine prepares the legs for peak performance by increasing oxygen delivery to muscles, reducing the risk of cramps, and ensuring muscles are primed for activity.

Can a leg compression machine reduce the risk of injury?

Yes, by enhancing blood flow and reducing muscle stiffness, a leg compression machine like Kompression® can play a significant role in injury prevention, especially when used as part of a comprehensive recovery protocol.

Why is compression for legs important in a recovery routine?

Compression for legs is crucial for stimulating blood flow, decreasing inflammation, and facilitating the removal of lactic acid, which collectively contribute to quicker recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

How does a leg compression machine complement other recovery methods?

When used alongside traditional recovery methods like stretching, hydration, and nutrition, a leg compression machine maximizes recovery by enhancing circulation and accelerating the healing process.

Can compression for legs help with varicose veins?

Regular use of compression therapy can alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins by improving venous return and reducing venous pressure, offering relief and improving leg health.